Always specially customized.

We ensure that the upholstery of your orthosis is done professionally. Using a number of methods and we always do this specially tailored.

Every product we create is a personal product. That is why we closely involve our clients in the design and the desired finish. Almost every product we make is unique and that makes us a genuine custom-made specialist.



Would you like to submit your assignment digitally or physically?

Both options are available, just as you prefer.


(Digital) Preparation

Preparation is a crucial step in the process.

This is where we think about how to provide the best solution for the end user.



Craftsmanship is inseparable from custom work.

Attention is given to the use of the end user for each orthosis.


Finishing and assembly

Our skilled craftsmen do everything they can to offer a final result that we can be proud of.

With or without your assistance.

Do you have questions?

Get in touch and inquire about the possibilities.