Personal attention

We ensure that the upholstery of your orthosis is done professionally. Using a number of methods and we always do this specially tailored.

Every product we create is a personal product. That is why we closely involve our clients in the design and the desired finish. Almost every product we make is unique and that makes us a genuine custom-made specialist.


Craft and technique

Upholstery is a craft and, like any other craft, can only be learned through experience. Technology is an inseparable helping hand and requires continuous progressiveness. That is why we upholster orthoses with craftsmanship ánd technology.

By using 3D CAD/CAM programs and a computer-controlled cutting table, we are able to realize the most difficult shapes. We stand for innovation and are constantly on the lookout for new solutions and techniques.



By ensuring that dirt and moisture cannot penetrate the orthoses, we guarantee better hygiene and a longer lifespan.

With WPS -WaterProof Stitching- we use the most modern technology to make all seams 100% waterproof. We weld the patterns together without using a needle and thread. Success assured.


We also achieve better hygiene and a longer lifespan thanks to stitched seams to make it stronger. We use STB -Seam Tape Bonding- for this.

A technique in which the orthosis is protected against moisture and penetrating dirt by applying tape to the seams.


In order to not affect the original shape of the custom-made orthosis, the stretch in the material is used for extra comfort. So we don’t upholster on stretch, but in shape.

With the DDU -Digital Drape Upholstery- developed by us, we measure the object to be upholstered completely digitally and the patterns are cut by the cutting computer.


Using state-of-the-art CNC stitching technology, we realize the highest precision in every design desired by the customer. With our extensive experience, we know how to get the most out of technical possibilities.

We call it SAS -State of the Art Stitching- because only the best is good enough.


Achieving successful result with synergy: optimal coordination of technology, materials and machines, design and of course the team.

The specialists at Perfect Fit Upholsteries deliver the highest quality to our customers – all day, every day.

The bigger the challenge, the more we like it.



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2222 AB Katwijk
The Netherlands

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